Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #5

Unique Ideas For Decorating the Inside of a Fireplace

For various reasons some people choose not to use a fireplace for its intended function: as a place to build a fire, usually for warmth. There are plenty of different ways to decorate the inside of a fireplace to add some interest to the room.

Tips For Working With a Budget When Decorating Your Home

Working with a budget, especially a small one can sometimes present trouble for a homeowner who wants to decorate their home. If you make sure to set a budget and follow these simple tips, you can have a wonderfully decorated home that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Floor Globes – Put the Whole World in Any Room

Nancy has a slight decorating issue. She would like a world globe in her office but she does not have any free space on her desk. She has always been fascinated with world geography and finds herself thinking of traveling to many exotic lands.

Retro Wall Clocks

Big, bold, and beautiful, retro wall clocks can give any room a dramatic accent of mid century modern style. No other accessory evokes the retro aura like an oversize wall clock, and no designer was more influential in creating the style than George Nelson. Recognized as one of the founding fathers of American Modernism, Nelson designed over 150 clocks for the prestigious Howard Miller Company during the midcentury years.

Enjoying Your Sunroom All Year Round

If you’re building a new sunroom addition or looking for a way to enjoy the relaxing space of a sunroom or screened in porch in the winter months, you’ll want to take steps to ensure it has protection from the elements. While a sunroom is the perfect place to enjoy breezy summer days, you’ll also want it to be warm and comfortable during the colder seasons.

Candle Sconces Add Elegant Sophistication

Today the times have changes are we are living in the so-called Modern age. However there are still some things that remain all time favorite not just in our hearts but even on the fashion scenes. These are things related to our heritage. Every thing from clothes to furniture and crockery to houses has a special place in our hearts if it is in any way related to our heritage styles.

Interior Design Ideas – Designing Your Family Room

While the kitchen may be the heart of your home, the family room is certainly its soul. The family room is a place in the home where you gather together with your family members for the enjoyment of each other’s company. It is the place where you gather to watch a movie or listen to music or maybe just to have conversation.

Tips For Decorating a Staircase

Some homeowners may not realize that a staircase is just another area of their home that can be decorated to make the home appear stylish. Here are some useful tips for decorating the staircase in your home.

Interior Decorating – DIY

Decorating is the most popular d-i-y job with perhaps as many as 90 per cent of people doing at least some for themselves. Most decorating is fairly straightforward and does not require a lot of expensive tools and equipment, though it can be rather tedious.There are many materials available for decorating.

Contemporary Decorating Style

Literally contemporary means- to coexist! This means that when two or more things that are at times in contrast to each other, exist at the same place and do not disturb the other it means that it is contemporary. These days’ contemporary ides are slowing drifting towards decorating and designing of homes too. These are called modern contemporary styles.

Indoor Wall Water Fountains – Top 5 Benefits They Provide

Why is it that so many people make such a huge fuss over indoor wall water fountains? For one, they are unique. Secondly, they are something you simply do not see every day. People purchase wall fountains for all types of reasons. Some people want to spruce up the scenery and others just crave relaxation. Either way, there are several benefits to adding one to your home or office.

5 Small Design Elements That Made a Big Difference

When it comes to design, the details count. Often, it’s not the obvious features of a room that create the magic, but the small design elements that complement the whole. Like a pair of earrings or silky tie that completely make the outfit, small design elements add that special shine that enhances integrally.

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