120 Wooden Wall Decorating Ideas For Modern Living Room Interior Wall Decoration Ideas

Tips on How To Accentuate Your Living Room

Modern wall art and modern wall decor can transform any dull living room into a chic, suave and sophisticated space. If the room is made of modern design, there can be nothing more perfect than using metal wall decor and home accents.

The Scandinavian Design Style

Born in the coldest areas, the Scandinavian style includes pieces of furniture made of pine, serious lines and tones inspired from fjords. This may be a very serious style, but it also a very warm one. The decorations made in the Scandinavian style which we appreciate today are a legacy from the classic style imposed by King Gustave the 3rd of Sweden and from the comfortable and light style of the 30s.

Important Steps For Repairing Popcorn Ceiling Material

When it comes to repairing popcorn ceiling material, you have several viable options. However, to ensure the finished job looks amazing, you want to use the right product, material, and techniques.

Can’t Find Your Other Shoe – Then It’s Time to Get Organized

Shoes can quickly get out of hand in a closet and shoe organizer racks are the best way to keep them orderly and in pairs for when you need to locate your favorite shoes. You probably have been in a situation where you have very little time and are searching for a particular pair of shoes, but you cannot locate them anywhere.

Making Use of That Space Under Your Stairs

In an age where space is fast becoming a luxury, maximizing space is definitely on top of everyone’s priorities when it comes to building their homes. Coming up with ways to incorporate some storage space even in unconventional areas are now a fast growing trend. There are loft conversions, various kinds of home extensions, and even tidying up basements for more storage space.

Revamping Your Staircase With Ease

Giving your staircase a new look does not have to cost you a lot of money, time, and sweat. Even with just a few very minor adjustments and a little updating here and there, our staircase will look like new again.

What to Do If You and Your Roomie Have Different Decorating Styles

Even when roommates get along very well and enjoy spending time together, they can have decorating styles that are completely opposite. One may prefer modern decor with clean lines and elegant simplicity while the other may lean toward a cozy, traditional feel with large, comfortable furniture and classic touches.

Making Your Budget Stair Design

Designing your stairs even if on a budget just needs some research and a lot of patience. Knowing what the budget is will be your starting point on the stair design. Limited money also means limited materials. This also means that your design should be kept as simple as possible since materials are also limited.

The English Design Style

The English design style is a combination between two characteristics, which would be the “so British” one and the “shocking” one. It is up to you to choose the one you think fits your home best. The first characteristic goes hand in hand with comfort, with big and deep sofas, with flounces which hide their legs and which are usually covered with floral prints.

Canvas Art For Home Interiors

There is a huge choice when it comes to deciding on some fine art for your home. Canvas art is an ideal option for fitting in with modern interiors if it is to be hung frame-less. It does look equally effective, however, when it is set in a complementing or contrasting frame.

Chair Slipcovers Can Make Your Dining Room More Stylish

If you are looking forward to changing your dining set just because it’s old and worn then before finally going for it, just check out the chair slipcovers. These are ready made covers that look wonderful on dining chairs and instead of replacement of a whole dining set, you can use these on the chairs to give them a completely new look.

Wall Decor Options

Have you ever walked in to a well decorated sitting room whose walls are richly designed with all sorts of wall art? Sure, you’ve done so! There’s usually this kind of serene aura that comes upon your head when you enter such houses.

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